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How To Earn Instant $25 Payments

I am in a lot of different programs but most of them take 30-60 days to pay me. This can tie up a lot of money especially when I pay for traffic.

2 programs I have been promoting pay instantly.

The first is Email Processing System (EPS) which advertises itself as a way to get paid for processing emails.
Really it is just buying a copy of the system and salespage shown for $25 and then advertising it anywhere including craigslist.
The processing of emails is just sending people who pay you the $25 an email with a link to the instructions page.
This does require setting up a free website. If you don’t want to follow the instructions to do this they will do it for you for $37.
The method does work and you get instant $25 paypal payments. I have been averaging around $100 per day since starting 3 days a go.

Click Here to see Email Processing System

The other program is Easy Cash Code (ECC) which is a whole website you promote and you get paid $18 instantly for every referral who joins.

There are some upsells that can make you more and even a recurring one. You need to buy them to be able to earn with them.
I have only been in the $18 level but plan on upgrading. I have been in this for over a year but haven’t promoted it much.

Click Here to see  Easy Cash Code




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