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Recommended Resources

Many people ask me for my recommendations for products so I figured I would just make this page to list them all.
I am a SOLO seller, affiliate and CPA marketer.

These are all products I use and feel are worth the money. Most links are my affiliate links so if you buy through
the link I will make some money. This is actually a good thing for you since if you buy through my link you can
get support through both the publisher and me. So you get 2 sources of help.


Autoresponders ARs

These are used to send out your email followups and broadcasts. I have listed them in order of how I rate them.

The king of ARs with the best deliverability. Does not allow imports.

The second best! Allows limited importing with verification. Not confirmation of each subscriber.
Can paste in 50 a day without that requirement.

Rapid Mailer
Rapid Mailer is a selfhosted autoresponder which you can import your own leads to.
It is wordpress based so is easy to install and use.

Sources of SOLO Ads for buying and selling

Website to buy and sell SOLO ads. No Swaps. Regular and Tier 1 SOLOs. Monthly membership for selling.

Safe Swaps
A great source for doing adswaps.
Monthly membership..
Do not use a guest (Free) account as it is worthless and you can only schedule 1 at a time and most swappers
will not swap with guests and no one will buy from guests.

Safe swaps used to be a great place to buy and sell SOLOs but they move SOLOs to this site
and are just doing swaps at safeswaps.

My own site for buying SOLOs from me.

SOLO Master Pro
Resell Clicks

Tracking is used to count the clicks sent to a page and manage them.
From a SOLO seller point of view you need a good tracker.

This is the main tracker I currently use and love it. It does all the things as QCC but has pop ups and Magic ad bars which look very useful to maximize clicks.
It is not self hosted so would be easier for most to setup but has monthly recurring fees.

Quality Click Control (QCC)
This is was the previous best program for SOLO sellers and buyers for a rotator and will save duplicate clicks and let you
send them to other places. Also allows you to do geo location and send clicks from certain countries to one place
and ones from the rest elsewhere. This is how you do tier 1 SOLOs. Will also give reports on the countries clicks are received from.
QCC is a self hosted program which means it need to be installed on your hosting account.


Create Your SOLO Seller Page
SOLO Ad Press
The first and only WordPress theme for solo ad providers… so you too can have complete and total control over all of the content, pages, payments, calendar, and everything you need to keep your solo ad business running smoothly and profitably.

SOLO Bookings
Add a SOLO booking calendar and order system to your website.

Squeeze Pages
Rather than creating your own funnel system there are a couple easier ways. I am mostly using MLMs (multi level marketing)
that gather optins at the same time rather then a squeeze page with a free gift. The free gift route tends to generate a freebie
seeking list which is not good for selling SOLOs from. MLMs work well as it trains people to be used to these type offers
which is what you would typically be sending as a SOLO seller and it also allows you to generate monthly recurring income.

A very easy squeeze page builder. It has a huge benefit of prefilling out the email address from anyone who has ever filled out a leadpages form even if it wasn’t yours. This can increase optin rate by 10%.

Operation Quick Money
This is my current main squeeze page and funnel.
It gives away a free report, adds optins to a clickbank marketing funnel, and adds them to my aweber list.
To get them added to my own list I got the pro version.
They market clickbank products to the customer and I receive the income. No need to send the emails myself.
This is NOT MLM.

5 Figure Day

A lead generating system which is also a MLM.

Cash Funnels System
Quick squeeze page and funnel setup.  A self hosted program with multiple
selectable gifts to giveaway for an opt-in and also has multiple products sales
points on thank you page to monetize your leads instantly.
I was a beat tester for this and use it for some of my funnels
including all mini events, jv giveaway events, and swaps.

Misc Items ( I own and paid for all these)

List Profit Generator
A Pay Per Lead (PPL) Script
Use this to pay people to send you clicks/leads.
In my program I pay 0.50 per single opt-in tier 1 lead.
To join my PPL program Click Here

Gigantic Swipe File

Magic Money Formula

Solo Ad Black Book

41 Email Click Tricks

1001 Split Tested Subject Lines

Instant Email Swipefile

Sales Seduction Arsenal

Sneaky Little Survey Software

Email Open Magic

Email Ninja


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