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Adtrackz Gold Date Bug Fix

Adtrackz Gold (ATG) has a bug where it’s cookie is tied to a specific year. The symptoms are that it stops counting conversions, sales, and it will not distinguish raws from uniques.

You can fix the bug by making the cookie relative to the current date and time. This will fix it for all future years. You need to make changes to 2 files go.php and a.php both of which are in your directory where ATG is installed.
You will need to ftp the 2 files to your local computer or edit them online using cpanel file manager

search go.php file for the setcookie statement and change it to:


the 90 is the days you want to keep the cookie for so if you want a year use 365 instead of 90 or if you want forever just use a big number like 999999.

You need to change the statement in 4 places in go.php

In a.php you need to change 2 setcookie statements to:





then ftp both files back to your ATG directory.


Tbit just released an official fix to ATG so best to just use that one.



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2014 Update For AdTrackzGold | One Stop Solos

I posted on Facebook about it and first Ed Newman came to my rescue with a fix he documented here on his blog. Not long after that the script author bought out a fix himself.

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