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Earn $15 For Everyone Who Installs A FREE Cashback App



Here is a great way to make $5 per lead, but is paying $15 per lead until 12/31/2017.

To get paid you must be from USA, download and install app to your phone, verify phone # and email, add a credit/debit card (no charge to it).

You will then make $15 whenever someone does the same or gets cashback using the app.

Its NO COST and will never cost anything! You will actually MAKE money SAVING MONEY!

It works on iPhone or Android.

Click this link here (while on your MOBILE PHONE only):

1) Install the App.
2) Open the app and click next until you get to join screen. Create your free account.
3)  Link your bank, credit or prepaid card. (Please make sure you do this, or the app won’t work, don’t worry it WILL NOT charge anything to your card! It’s all NO COST)

Also, that’s what triggers the 15.00 Bucks per lead. So please make sure to do this so I get paid too! :)

Then log in, and under the “Social” tab, get your link so you can promote it and get 15 Bucks for each person that does what you just did.

You can share directly to Facebook and other sires direct from the app.

You can see your referrals by pressing the home tab.

You can withdraw anytime you have $15 or more to Paypal instantly.

Happy Holidays!


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