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Yoonla VIP Guide

This guide is for those who are already in Yoonla and upgraded to VIP.
If you aren’t then Click Here.

Congrats on taking action and becoming a Yoonla VIP.

I have made over $14,000 in Yoonla since July 13th and am #5 on the Yoonla leaderboard.

I would appreciate it if you would do me a favor and watch my entire youtube Yoonla Review video where I show payment proof and then like and comment on the video. Then subscribe to my Youtube channel to see other Yoonla videos.

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How To Setup GetResponse

The first step is to setup your GetResponse autoresponder to send out emails encouraging people who join you in Yoonla to upgrade to VIP.

You want to do this before sending any traffic to your affiliate link.

Here is a video showing how to set it up. Click Here

If your Getresponse does not look like that you have the new layout.
Click Here for a video for the new layout.


Then add an email like this to be sent out on day 0.

Subject: Welcome to Yoonla!

Thanks for joining me in Yoonla.
I just made either $4 or $2 from you joining.

You can also earn $4 and $2 commissions in Yoonla if you upgrade to YIP.

To upgrade to VIP just login now

Then click the big blue button that says “Claim Your Free Custom Setup by Reno & Become a Yoonla VIP (a $297 value)”

Start earning your $4 per lead today.
Your Name


You should add 7 days worth of emails encouraging them to upgrade.
Write 6 more in your own words telling them why they should upgrade.

Then watch this to fix the Yoonla/GetResponse bug with it not starting out sending emails. You must have at least 1 autoresponder email before you can do the fix.
Click Here.


At this point you should have 3 campaigns/lists in Getresponse.

1) The twitter list Yoonla setup.

2) The list/campaign you put the api key into Yoonla for.

3) The list/campaign you are moving new contacts to after they get added to Getresponse by Yoonla.


Squeeze Page

You should also add 1 or 2 additional campaign/lists to Getresponse.

1) for VIPs that you will add your VIPs to manually.

2) If you have your own squeeze page before the Yoonla squeeze page, and you should.

I recommend adding your own squeeze and thank you page before the Yoonla registration page.
That’s the setup I use all the time to make sure people register and confirm.
Many of my Yoonla commissions come from my email followups and not the first time they saw Yoonla page.

If you want to build your own squeeze pages I recommend Profitbuilder. It’s a one time $68.

If you are not good at doing this stuff yourself I can design a 3 custom squeeze pages for you.
And a thank you page which you give instructions on before sending them to the Yoonla registration page.
Then I will upload it to your Yahoo/ipage domain, or any other domain.
And I will give you 3 email followups to remind them to register and confirm Yoonla.

This is a one time $199. Click Here to order.


Start Earning!

Once you have Getresponse all setup its time to start promoting your link which can be found at the top of the affiliate website.

Click Here to login to affiliate center.


Your affiliate link should look something like this https://app.yoonla.com/foundation#a_aid=596247918b0dc

The numbers after #a_aid= will be different.


If you want to be able to tell which traffic is making you commissions just add &data1=trafficsource at the end of your affiliate link.
Now your link will look like this https://app.yoonla.com/foundation#a_aid=596247918b0dc&data1=solobob or whatever you want to call your traffic source.

Click Here for a video showing how to setup and view your results.


Now you are ready to start promoting Yoonla and earning commissions.


Where To Get Traffic.

Traffic is the key to earning in Yoonla.


It’s important to understand that Yoonla, like any CPA program, only pays the first person to send them an email address.

So if I sent them bob@bobbo.com who joined Yoonla and afterward you send them bob@bobbo.com, you won’t get paid for that email address since they already paid me for it.


There are a number of different places you can promote Yoonla both free and paid.

The easiest way is to post in facebook groups.

Here is an example of a facebook post that has worked well for me.

If you have lots of facebook friends you can post on your timeline but do not include a link.

Including a link will decrease the number of people who see your post. Just message anyone who comments your link.

Its raining $4 and $2 commissions! Want to get yours?
Comment “rain” to grab your commissions!

You should also post in some of the thousands of related facebook groups.

Its ok to post a link in a group.

Its raining $4 and $2 commissions! Want to get yours?
Your Affiliate Link Here.


If you want to automate this you can use a facebook group poster. This will post in many groups automatically every day.

Click Here to get one.

As a bonus people who buy the poster from my link will get 9 more effective Facebook posts and a list of 4000+ facebook groups to post in.


An even better method of using Facebook groups is to run your own Facebook group where people will know, like and trust you. You can set it up so you are the only one who can promote offers. For more info on how to run your own profitable facebook group, Click Here.


SOLO ads are another effective way to get traffic.
You can buy SOLO ads on Udimi by Clicking Here

The advantage of using Udimi over other places is that Udimi monitors sellers, has feedback ratings and filter out fake clicks.


When buying SOLO ads first check with the seller to see if they have sent a lot to Yoonla and try to find sellers who haven’t.

Test a seller with 100 clicks first and don’t get the cheapest SOLOs, 0.35/click, because these will be oversaturated sending to Yoonla.

You can search the members of the Yoonla group to make sure that the seller is not a member of Yoonla. Their list will have seen Yoonla very often so you would be unlikely to get many commissions.


There are also plenty of facebook groups to find solo including my own.

Here are a few:

My SOLO Group

SOLO Ads Testimonials

Juan Morales’ Epic Solo Exchange


Here is an example of a solo ad swipe you can use.

Subject: Want To Earn While You Learn?

I have found a great program that pays you $4 or $2
every time someone enters their email address at their site.

Click Here (put your affiliate link here) and enter your email on the form.

Then confirm your email address to learn for free.

If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes check your spam or junk folder.

Your Name


Other sources of free traffic include twitter and youtube and you already have free training on that in Yoonla.

You can access that at the Yoonla site, not the affiliate site, under My Account, Downloads and Files.


Another great source of free traffic is a product called 2 day profits which is based on Yoonla.

They give you a list of free places to promote and the first upsell/OTO includes a bunch of SOLO swipes that you can use to promote Yoonla.

I use those swipes in my pre Yoonla autoresponder.

Click Here for more info.


I mostly promote Yoonla from Bing Ads. Click Here for my Bing Ads training.

If you already know Bing Ads or Facebook Ads then just go do them.


How To Get More VIPs.

The best way to get VIPs is to have at least a 7 day autoresponder series in place to encourage new members to upgrade.

Promoting Yoonla as a way to make $4 and $2 commissions also attracts people interested in upgrading.

And promoting Yoonla to people you know who want to earn online is very effective.

Create a blog post giving Yoonla upgrade instructions. If you don’t have your own wordpress blog you can get a free blog at Blogger.com

Tier 1 countries, the ones that earn you $4 commissions, are more likely to upgrade so promote Yoonla more to them.


A post or message like this attracts people willing to upgrade to VIP.

Who is willing to pay $25 per month to be able to earn $100-$1000 per month?




How To Explode Your Earnings!

One of the benefits of earning money with Yoonla is also building a list.

But you need to have offers to promote to your list. Additional offers can really explode your earnings.

I recommend the following offers that should be added to your autoresponder follow up series to earn additional money from your Yoonla members.

CPA Build is a CPA network that is easy to join. No approval process or interview like many CPA networks. No cost to join. Plus make 5% of everyone you refer earnings!

Moneyline One time $20 can earn $20 for every paying member plus its a good traffic source. I am #9 on their leaderboard.

Easy Cash Code One Time $18 earns $18 from everyone who joins.

Dual Squeeze $27 monthly can earn $13.50 monthly from members and get free traffic.

Easy1Up A high ticket program can earn $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1000 commissions. I have earned over $20,000 in Easy1up in the last year.

Easy1Up Spanish website

CB Passive. $97 one time makes 50% commissions. One of their free giveaways is a free CPA course. You can give this course away then get them to join Yoonla since Yoonla is one of the best converting CPA offers.

James Jordan’s PPL Program Fee and pays $3 per tier1 double optin.

Now go out there and start earning Yoonla Commissions!


When Do I Get Paid?

Yoonla pays via Paypal at the end of the month for $2 and $4 commissions for the prior month and $10 and $15 commissions for the month before that.

Its a 2 step process where they review the leads and approve them between the 15th and 22nd.

Then you need to request a payment.

Then they pay you via Paypal between the 22nd and the end of the month.

For example, Yoonla will pay the end of November for $2 and $4 commissions generated in October and $10 and $15 commissions generated in September.

There is a $200 minimum payout. If you do not make $200 in a month it will just be added to next month.

You need to setup your Paypal email address and minimum payout on the affiliate website by clicking Commissions on left menu then payment details.

You can request payout when your approved balance is over $200 on the Commissions, payouts to me. Make sure to do this before the 28th of the month or you might miss that months payment.


Need Help?

I also offer some help options including a facebook group, Bing Ads training, and coaching.

Click Here for more info.

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